Karen Feeney, Allen Construction

Jen knows marketing inside and out. She is creative, enthusiastic and fast! Jen has a vast array of experience with all sizes and shapes of companies. She stays current with the latest marketing trends and can help match a company with key strategies to help build and promote their business. On top of all this, Jen is a pleasure to work with.

John Towne, ClearPathGPS

As Director of Marketing for ClearPathGPS, Jen was a strong ally to our sales team. Jen was able to supercharge our marketing activities by refocusing efforts into new channels and working actively with the sales team for feedback to create a very robust marketing program. By working across departments, Jen ensures that marketing campaigns resonate with current industry trends and customer demands.

Martin Pedersen, KB Home

Jen is that one-of-a-kind hybrid colleague that possess great strengths both in the digital and marketing space. She is dedicated and hard working and never afraid to help out outside of her responsibilities – I would be happy to have Jen on my team anytime.

Summer Hodges, SBCA

I cannot say enough amazing things about Jen Lilienstein! Thankfully, when I started working with Santa Barbara Contractors Association, Jen was already hired to help with marketing. Without Jen’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to really dive in and get things done, we wouldn’t have made the leaps we did in our brand refresh. Now we have a great chance to grow with all of the tools she set up for us and I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman! She is a rock star, so if you have the chance to work with her, take it. It will, without a doubt, be the best investment your business makes!

Donne Anzini, Pulte Homes

Jen and I worked very closely on multiple projects and campaigns while she was our web designer for over 5 years while at Frontsiders. Jen is one of the most talented multi-taskers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and has a flawless eye and attention to detail no matter what she is working on. She sets a high standard for herself and everyone she works with and holds all accountable including herself to ensure successful output. She gets the job done and does it very well, period. I look forward doing business with her again soon!

Scott Jacobs, Allen Commercial

I’m an old-school contractor. I build stuff. What an education I received working alongside Jen Lilienstein at a construction company in Central California. I’ve seen a lot of folks who say they are market savvy, and claim they can make a difference using on-line marketing. But the results generally don’t match up to the hype. That’s not Jen. She created true cutting edge social media exposure, monitoring, and reporting while cutting costs. She brought massive positive energy to the process, and was a huge upgrade to the work environment. She also handled traditional Request for Proposal development and cut the time required to produce the finished documents with each successive round. And, she’s a blast to work around. I recommend her highly.

Shawn Jacobson, Allen Energy

While working with Jen at Allen Construction her enthusiasm for marketing was contagious and her sophistication in creating, executing and tracking campaigns brought the Energy Division a recognizable brand and profitable business growth. She rapidly interpreted the multi-divisional aspects of this leading construction company, analyzed their individual marketing needs and unified the divisions in through her compelling graphic design, website design, advertising and event booths creation. Jen, as a marketing director or manager, is a true leader in this space and her versatility, enjoyable collaboration, and knowledge of her field will bring enormous potential for growth to any company that is smart enough to have her on their team.